OS Giken Products

We deal with a full line of OS Giken products. Please click on the following link osgiken.net to find your product of choice. Email us the product description/detail and the make and model of your vehicle and we will respond with our best pricing.

More about OS Giken From the OS Giken Website:

OS Intro

In 1975, OS Giken made it's memorable entry into the racing world with the its unparalleled Four Valve DOHC TC16-MAII/TC24-B1 engine and firmly established itself as one Japan's most innovative race engineering companies.

Because all of OS Giken's designs and concepts are based on sound engineering and quality manufacturing, their reputation for reliable performance and durability is unparalleled.

Consequently, OS Giken’s drive train products are commonly the first choice for professional race teams in Japan, because in order to finish first you must first finish the race. Please feel free to visit our Japanese website at www.osgiken.co.jp to learn more.

OS Giken’s distribution network in North America is professionally managed and maintained by the Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. office in Los Angeles, California. For more information regarding Toyota Tsusho America, Inc., please feel free to visit the company website at www.taiamerica.com.


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