Driver Development

At G7 Motorsports we offer driver coaching and recommendations to help improve your speed, consistency, and overall performance.

Training Methods used include:

  1. GPS based data acquisition (we use Traqmate Data Systems)
  2. Data session download and review with drivers
  3. Vehicle ride along if applicable (instructor type training)
  4. Baseline runs to set target times and data comparison
    (this would usually occur after a few coaching sessions and would require your vehicle driver position to accommodate instructor settings)
  5. Co-Driver duties in endurance races (single race or full season options)
    - Driver coaching, data review, and setup recommendations are all       included during co-driving duties.


For Methods 1-4, pricing is charged at $50 per hour with a 4-hour minimum for events not currently on the schedule. Travel expenses may also be required depending on location of event and length of services.

For Method 5, pricing depends on the event and length of services. Some events will only involve travel expenses if driving option is beneficial for instructor.

Flat rate packages can also be arranged for full weekends and/or season. Please contact us with request to get final pricing.


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